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Smart Home & Luxury
Audio-Video Market

Savvy Sales & Marketing has passionately dedicated over 10 years to the smart home and luxury audio-video market and has partnered with leading brands, integrators, service providers, distributors, and specialty retailers to build an ecosystem in the Midwest that helps support end users with technology that makes life easier, safer and enjoyable around home or office. 

A strong technical background and belief in collaboration, finds Savvy Sales & Marketing regularly presenting not only to industry partners, but also to builders, designers and architects – forging relationships that brings growth to all involved.

To continue providing best in class service, Savvy Sales & Marketing consistently stays ahead of industry trends and the fast-moving technology in audio-video, lighting, shading, surveillance, and automated control, which is then communicated back to partners.  An immeasurable work ethic with a deep commitment to solutions and strategies, continually drives top results for all in the Savvy Sales & Marketing community.

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