Why Savvy Marketing?

In the dynamic landscape of today’s business world, a robust online presence is not just an advantage but a necessity. Are you ready to take your business to new heights? Look no further! Savvy Sales and Marketing has partnered with F4foxtrot to bring hyper-local, industry-tailored digital marketing services to you. Our Digital Marketing Services are tailored to elevate your brand, drive targeted traffic, and maximize your ROI.

Shawn Nanney has a passion for the marriage of technology and design.  When you combine that with his entrepreneurial drive for affecting change and growing businesses, it puts him in a unique position to lead Savvy Sales and Marketing as one of a handful of sales representative firms redefining the rep model.  Shawn began his career as a Certified Public Accountant working as an auditor for nine years, but quickly fell in love with the smart home automation and audio video market when he transitioned to running a specialty retail and custom installation business.  During this time, Shawn completely immersed himself in the market, training with CEDIA, leading manufacturers and the Imaging Science Foundation.

Mike Fenton has been building websites since 2002. His expertise and experience in project management and account management spans 18 years. Since the mid 2000s Mike has supported his partners with digital marketing through content production, paid promotion and organic reach.

Built to Last

The Greatest Technology Available To Reach Your Goals

Digital Strategy & Discovery

Your project will receive a detailed roadmap based on consultations. Guidance on defining digital goals to build short, mid and long term strategy

Support & Collaboration

Once you deploy your web site or app we offer monthly, quarterly or “as needed support”. We collaborate with your other stakeholders of the project including other 3rd party companies

teach them to fish

Training? No Problem

We believe in providing solutions which you can manage in-house. Self-sufficiency when it makes sense

Technology coaching since 2005

Expert technical knowledge

Digital strategy experience since 2002

Archived lessons and documentation available

Why Choose Our Digital Marketing Services?



Discovery & Strategy


Your Web Real Estate

Our seasoned digital strategist crafts personalized plans to align with your business goals. From brand awareness to lead generation, we’ve got you covered.

Combined 30 years of experience in the production of websites. Brochure,
E-Commerce, Lead Generation & Educational


Stay Relavent 

Your website performance is directly correlated to the production of content. We optimize your website to achieve better conversion rates and engagement. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic Ranking

Be found by your target audience! Our SEO experts employ industry best practices to enhance your online visibility, driving organic traffic and boosting your search engine rankings.


Video, Graphics & Copy

Captivate your audience with compelling content. From blog posts to video content, our creative team produces shareable, valuable content that resonates with your target market.


Organic & Paid

Engage and connect with your audience across popular social media platforms. We create compelling content, run targeted campaigns, and build a community around your brand.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Drive Traffic Quickly

Instantly boost your online presence with targeted PPC campaigns. Our data-driven approach ensures optimal ad placements and cost-effective results.

Email Marketing

Reach Opt-In Customers

Leverage the power of email to nurture leads and drive conversions. Our customized email campaigns are designed to maximize engagement and deliver measurable results.

Analytics and Reporting:

Data Driven Decisions

Stay informed about your campaign’s performance with detailed analytics and regular reporting. We provide insights that empower you to make informed decisions for continuous improvement.

Strategic Planning:

Creation, Strategy & Deployment

Our seasoned digital strategist crafts personalized plans to align with your business goals. From brand awareness to lead generation, we’ve got you covered.


Industry Professionals

Pride of Hawaii is a young company that has grown in the last two years. During this process, Mike Fenton has been extremely patient during our growth and they have adapted to our changes probably 100 times. Mike has guided us through this journey and have advised us on tools and techniques to keep us current with the new on line protocols of today’s world! Without Mike Fenton we could not have completed this fantastic site, and we are looking forward to adding more so that we are the hub in our industry and our market.

Marco Colindres

Owner, POH

They really took the extra effort in designing my web site. Mike definitely went above and beyond to meet my budget and make a great site for us. This helped in solidifying a good long term relationship between our companies that will continue to grow. Mike’s expertise in photography was instrumental in making our site a success, both camera knowledge and Photoshop were the finishing touches that only someone as dedicated as Mike Fenton would do for a limited budget like ours.

Tony Beville -

Owner, ACDC Residential Systems

Without question, the success of the site can be attributed to the thorough preparation by Mike and his staff. Detailed drawings were created which ultimately served as the site roadmap. Simply put, Mike and his staff know what they are doing. The site has turned out great! It is without hesitation that we would highly recommend Mike Fenton.

Patrick Mulligan

Owner, Pacific Audio & Communications

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